Luftbild des Hof Meyer zu Hartum aus Herford


In addition to our extensive facilities and professional care we offer services that support you and your horse according to your needs

  • We can exercise, train or ride your horse for you if you lack the time

  • We can support you with individual lessons and/or professional training rides if you require assistance

  • We can offer you support, advice and training from experienced show riders if your goal is to compete as a junior or adult amateur in the big show ring.

We put a lot of emphasis on the quality of food and horses’ individual nutrition needs. We only feed hay from our own harvest, which we closely control for superior quality. Our professional staff assures a strict feeding schedule which includes grains, supplements and medications if you wish.

Stalls are cleaned daily to assure a dry and healthy environment for your horse.
Walker use, paddock and pasture turn out are offered as individual services.

If you have specific needs, we are happy to assist you to find the right solution and services.